“Princesse Angine” is the Viennese project of a Russian singer-songwriter Xenia Ostrovskaya. Sung poetry, or Poet rock, bloomed in USSR shortly before the Perestroika. Xenia, originally from Saint-Petersburg, portrays great influence of this genre in her songs. “Princesse Angine” started in 2010 and early works were mostly with a guitar. More recently, Israeli-Russian musician Nika Sapo, in cooperation with different arrangers in Vienna, created a new sound for “Princesse Angine”. The transformation is distinguished by the introduction of a string quartet and a rhythm section. On the 24th of March 2014, with their new line-up, the Band debuted in the “Strenge Kammer” of the renowned Viennese Jazz and Music Club “Porgy & Bess”. In summer 2015 „P.A.“ debuted at „Nashestvie“, the biggest rock festival in Russia. After a successful crowdfoundung project, the band recorded the first album “Terapevticheskij Rock” together with a russian rock label „Bomba-piter“. The album got good reviews in Russian music press. After two years of active touring in Russia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Israel, in autumn 2017 the band started working on the second album, it`s release is planned for autumn 2018.

Vocals - Xenia Ostrovskaya (Rus), violin - Nika Sapo (Isr), viola - Elisaveta Rodionova (Rus), cello - Agnieszka Kabut (Pol), guitar – Matthias Leichtfried (Aut), bass – Gregor Kutschera (Aut), drums – Andreas Seper (Aut)